In 1996 the Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra took off under the baton of Alain Baudhuin, initially as a group of friends musicians. Soon it was shaped as an VZW/ASBL aiming at playing concerts, also for charity purposes. The BSO further grew and gained pace and in 2003 the baton was handed over to Jan Steenbrugge. The orchestra started a regular schedule of annual children concerts beside concerts also accompanying soloists : piano, violin, cello, alto, clarinet, horn, guitar, bassoon,  etc. in solo, or in combination. Highlights include our frequent concerts in Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Oostende but also in Paris (La Madeleine) and last but not least a 7 days concert tour in the Shanghai area in China.

Since 2013, David Miller is the principal conductor, continuing the established concert schedule. The children concerts formula continued to further develop into a musical show featuring narration of a fantastic story supported by music, acting, singing, dance and visual effects. Special BSO performances included a concert in La Madeleine Church (Paris) with Berlioz Symfonie Fantastique (2015) and concerts at the Shape headquarters near Mons under the theme: In Flanders Fields (2014).